Abbreviations of descriptions


SW/SP Estimated retail replacement value


Flawless A diamond can only be described as flawless, if it proves to be absolutely transparent and free of inclusions in this circumstances.
(vvs 1, vvs 2)
Very, very small inclusions, very difficult to detect at tenfold magnification.
(vs 1, vs 29)
Very small inclusions, difficult to detect at tenfold magnification.
SI Small inclusions easy to recognise at tenfold magnification, not visible through the top with the naked eye.
P 1 - 3 include significant external features.
P 1
(Pique 1)
Inclusions that are instantly recognisable at tenfold magnification, but do not affect the brilliance effect. Barely visible with the naked eye through the top.
P 2
(Pique 2)
Larger and/or numerous inclusions that are clearly visible to the naked eye through the top and slightly affect the brilliance.
P 3
(Pique 3)
Large and/or numerous inclusions that are very easily seen with the naked eye and affect the brilliance clearly.
Gemstones usually contain natural inclusions.
GG Yellow gold
WG White gold
RG Pink gold
Rose-G Rosé gold
L. get. Weiss Slightly tinted white
get. Weiss Tinted white
Reinheitsbeh. Laser-drilled and/or filled fracture
ct Carat


Alle Angaben verstehen sich als ca.-Werte, die in gefasstem Zustand ermittelt wurden.

Art and Antiques

B. Width
ber. rubbed
besch. damaged
besp. recorded
best. bumped
D. diameter
dat. dated
Gebr.-Spuren traces of use
RG Red gold
H. Height
korr. corroded
L. Length
l. easy
li. left
min. minimal
monogr. monogrammed
o. top
PP Passepartout
R. frame
re. right
sign. signed
T. depth
u. bottom
u. Gl. under glass
rest. restored

Condition of goods

Wrist and pocket watches

EZ Overall condition watch case and clockwork.
EZW Condition of clockwork.
EZW 0 No objections, mint condition.
EZW 1 Minute objections, e.g. cleaning due to long storage, imprecise adjustable motion, battery change (Quartz clockwork)
EZW 2 Minor objections; minor mechanical defects which can be resolved without great expenditure. Fissures, gilding, silvering or the like, stained, necessary replacement parts can be obtained in respective specialized stores (e. g. broken spring balancers, replacement of hands)
EZW 3 Technical objections, e.g. major overhaul in special workshop recommended, substantial fissures, replaced jewel bearings, Quartz clockwork possibly damaged by battery leakage.
EZW 4 Major objections; substantial repair including custom made replacement parts e.g. pinion requires adjusting, replacement of balance staff, spindle, coil spring or levers.
EZW 5 Clockwork secondary - can probably not be repaired, potential repair by change of clockwork.
EZW levels 0 to 3 means the watch is “running”
EZG Condition of watch case
EZG 0 No objections, mint condition: precious metals can be refreshed by simple means (e.g. immersing)
EZG 1 Minute objections, age-related maintenance marks, small parts to be exchanged without assembly (e.g. brackets, spring bars, eyelets), glass with minor scratches (visible under magnifying glass).
EZG 2 Minor objections; age related, wear-related abrasion but overall “looking fine”, e.g. scratches, minor dents, restored face plate, necessary replacement parts can be obtained in specialized stores and replaced without major expenditure (e.g. glass, watch crown, watch strap links). etc.
EZG 3 Wear and tear marks with deep scratches, defects requiring custom repair (e.g. visible soldering marks, cladding with heavy dents but without effects on function, mineral glass with facet, shaped watch glass needs replacing).
EZG 4 4 Major objections, custom shop restoration required (e.g. defective hinge, multiple soldering works required, age-related piercing of cladding, missing gemstones; wrist strap parts need to be manufactured).
EZG 5 Missing casing parts which can only be obtained with major expenditure, e.g. bottom casing, bezel, tin soldering).

“Waterproof” respectively “Water protected from manufacturer” means that the watches were manufactured waterproof or water protected but not that they are currently in such condition. Watches have not been tested for water tightness.


GZ 1 No visible objections.
GZ 2 Minute objections, e.g. gilding with small abrasions, small polishing marks, veneer damage repaired by custom shop.
GZ 3 Minor objections, e.g. missing applications (hardly distracting), light corrosion, small ornaments missing, casing needs cleaning, veneer damages, loose gluing, marble slightly scuffed).
GZ 4 Objections, e.g. gilding with major abrasions, corrosion, missing applications (distracting), missing hood, requires new finish, strong worm infestation, missing marble parts, pedestals broken or missing.
GZ5 A restoration does not make sense from a historical or economical point of view - potential replacement of casing.

Condition for large clocks (not casing, dials, etc.)

WZ 1 No visible objections.
WZ 2 Minute objections; not affecting the functionality, e.g. imprecise action can be fixed by adjusting length of pendulum.
WZ 3 Minor objections; minor technical defects which can impair the functionality, e.g. pendulum spring needs replacing, cleaning required, new winding spring required.
WZ 4 Objections, e.g. major overhaul with repairs required, several new bearings required, corrosion, suspension needs adjusting.
WZ 5 Major objections; repair requires larger expenditures, potentially requiring custom made parts, e.g. missing custom parts, corrosion, gear wheels need adjusting, badly worn pinions

Condition of Rugs & Carpets

(Condition) 1 near perfect condition or like new
(Condition) EHZ 2 slight signs of wear, damage to the edges or fringes possible
(Condition) EHZ 3 strong signs of wear, (base fabric visible)
(Condition) EHZ 4 in need of restoration (holes, cracks, moth damage)

Condition of cameras

Visual condition

0 - New goods, unsold, in original packaging, with guarantee.
1 - Mint condition, unused. As new but without guarantee. In original packaging.
2 - Without marks of wear and tear. Without original packaging.
3 - Very minor marks of wear and tear.
4 - Minor marks of wear and tear, no damage.
5 - Complete, with normal marks of wear and tear.
6 - Complete, with major marks of wear and tear.
7 - Can be restored. Some parts require restoration. Unimportant parts may be missing or damaged.
8 - Can be restored. Requires substantial restoration. Some parts may be missing.
9 - Can only be used as spare part supply. In case of a rare camera requires substantial restoration.

Technical condition

A - Mint condition. Fully functioning. With manufacturer or retailer guarantee.
B - Mint condition. Fully functioning. Without manufacturer guarantee but with retailer guarantee.
C - Fully functioning. Recently cleaned and overhauled in authorized service center, with full guarantee.
D - Fully functioning. Recently cleaned and overhauled in authorized service center, guarantee expired.
E - Fully functioning. Main functions recently checked in authorized service center.
F - Not recently cleaned and overhauled. Fully functioning. Without guarantee for precision, for shutter and light meter.
G - Fully functioning. Shutter speed and light meter probably imprecise. Requires adjustment and cleaning.
H - Not fully functioning. Shutter may stick at slow speeds. Light meter potentially not functioning.
J - Not usable without repair or cleaning. Shutter, light meter or film transport may stick, be jammed or damaged.
K - Likely beyond repair.

Condition of classic cars, vintage cars and used cars

All information concerning the state of preservation are based on technical advice from a recognized expert organization
EHZ 1 Pristine condition. No defects in engineering and optics. Fully functional or completely original and perfectly restored vehicle tip.
EHZ 2 Good condition. Defect free, but with slight (!) signs of use. Original or professionally and carefully restored. No missing or additionally mounted parts (Exception: if required by the traffic regulations)
EHZ 3 Used condition. Normal tracks of the years. Minor flaws, but fully running. No rust spots. No immediate work necessary. Use capability.
EHZ 4 Spent condition. Only partly ready to go. Immediate work needed. Lighter to medium rust spots. Some smaller parts are missing or defective. Partially restored. Easy to repair (or restore).
EHZ 5 Restoration needing condition. Not ready to go. Badly restored or partly completely dismantled. Greater investment is needed, but still restorable. Missing parts
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