Wrist- and pocket watches

condition Overall condition of case and movement.

Condition of the movement

0 no complaints, as good as new

1 Minor complaints, e.g. cleaning due to longer storage time, inaccurate, adjustable rate, battery change (quartz movement).

2 Minor complaint; minor mechanical faults that can be rectified without major effort. Hairline cracks, gold plating, silver plating or similar stained, cleaning, if spare parts are required, they can be obtained from specialist stores e.g. broken mainspring, hand replacements etc.

3 Technical complaint e.g. major overhaul with spare parts recommended in a specialist workshop; severe hairline cracks. Jewel bearing possibly replaced, quartz movement damaged by leaking battery, etc.

4 Significant complaint; major repair work using parts manufactured in a specialist workshop, e.g. screw in the pinion, replace balance shaft or spindle, balance spring, lever, etc.

5 Movement secondary - probably not repairable – may be repairable by replacing the movement.

The states of preservation 0 to 3 correspond to the notion that the watch is running.

Condition of the case

0 no complaints, as good as new: precious metal can be refreshed with very little effort.

1 Minor complaints, signs of age-related care; small parts can be replaced without assembly, e.g. brackets, spring bars, eyelets, etc. Glass has very small scratches (visible with a magnifying glass).

2 minor complaints; age-related, wear due to use, but overall appearance "beautiful", e.g. scratches, small dents, dial restored, spare parts available in specialist stores can be replaced without effort, e.g. glass, crown, link parts etc.

3 Signs of use and wear with deep scratches, defects that can be repaired by a specialist workshop, e.g. traces of soldering, recognizable for repair, case wall heavily dented, but no impairment of function, mineral glass with facet, shaped glass replaceable, etc.

4 considerable complaints; to be improved by a specialist workshop, e.g. hinge defective, several soldering jobs to be carried out, age-related punctured case walls, missing gemstones, strap parts to be manufactured, etc.

5 Missing case parts, e.g. case back, glass rim, tin soldering, etc., which can be procured at great expense.

Water-resistant or water-protected ex manufacturer means that the watches have been manufactured to be water-resistant or water-protected, but does not mean that they still are in this condition. We do not test the watches for water resistance.

Large clocks

Condition of the case

1 No recognizable complaints

2 minor complaints, e.g. gilding slightly rubbed, slight polish damage, veneer damage has already been professionally restored, etc.

3 minor complaints, e.g. missing applications (hardly disturbing), slight corrosion, missing small decorations, case in need of cleaning, veneer damage, gluing loosened, marble slightly bumped, etc.

4 Complaints, e.g. heavily worn gilding, corrosion, missing applications (disturbing), missing attachment, new polish required, heavy worm infestation, missing marble parts, case feet broken off or missing, etc.

5 case restoration does not make sense from a historical and economic point of view. - Possibly case replacement

Condition of the movement

1 no recognizable damage

2 Minor complaints that do not impair the function, e.g. pendulum length that is easy to adjust in the event of inaccurate movement, etc.

3 Minor complaints; minor mechanical faults that may impair the function; e.g. resinified oils, pendulum spring to be replaced, cleaning required, new mainspring necessary, etc.

4 Complaints, e.g. major overhaul required, with repair work; several new bearings required; corrosion, escapement to be adjusted, etc.

5 Significant complaints; major repair work, possibly using parts that have to be made in special workshops, e.g. missing parts, corrosion, meshing of gear wheels to be adjusted, severely worn drives, etc.

Oriental carpets

condition Overall condition

1 almost perfect condition or as good as new.

2 slight signs of wear, damage to the edges or fringes possible.

3 heavy signs of wear, (base fabric visible)

4 in need of restoration (holes, cracks, moth damage)

Antique furniture

condition Overall condition

0 No complaints, condition as good as new.

1 very good condition, recently restored with insignificant additions or very good original condition.

2 good condition with one or more minor complaints: e.g. older restoration with insignificant additions, slight signs of use and age e.g. surface scratches, moldings, feet or applications loosened or loose, slight shrinkage or restored previous damage still visible, without key etc.

3 Condition with one or more complaints: Signs of age and use e.g. surface scratches, veneer defects, detached or lifted veneers, shrinkage, stress cracks, locks defective or incomplete, without keys, small defects e.g. missing moldings or applications, older restoration with insignificant additions.

4 considerable complaints with several clear signs of use and age: e.g. deep surface damage, possibly larger veneer defects, body defects, additions, unprofessional repair, warped, etc.

insignificant additions:

Feet, moldings, applications, interior fittings, crown, locks, keys

As of 03/2024

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