Questions and answers about the auctions

  1. I have registered online and received a new customer number. I now have two customer numbers, which make things unnecessarily complicated. How can I change this?

    This is not a problem. Email us at, describe your problem and give us the customer number that you want to keep. We will then transfer your password to the appropriate customer number and delete the unneeded number.

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  2. Why does it not state how long you can bid on items? When is the latest that I can make a bid if item information states that the auction is on March 12th at 10 a.m.?

    HENRY´s holds auctions in halls with audiences. The items are called individually, the written bids are read out, visitors and telephone bidders are asked for higher bids. The time required is therefore different for each item, so we can only specify the start time on the internet. You can figure out roughly when your item will be called with the table indicating how many items are called per hour:

    Wrist & pocket watches 100 - 120 items per hour
    Art and Antiques 100 - 150 items per hour
    Oriental carpets 080 - 100 items per hour
    Jewellery and silver 150 - 200 items per hour

    Please assume that items are called quicker than you expect. In any case, you can even submit your bids online if the auction is already running! Online bids arrive at the bid server without delay so they are therefore present for the auctioneer immediately after submission. However, this does not apply to telephone bids – telephone bids are associated with some organisational work and should be submitted at least one day before the auction date.

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  3. How much is the rate of increase?

    The rate of increase is normally 10% on the next hundred, thousands, or ten thousand.

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  4. I have some old pieces that I would like to submit in the auctions. What are your terms? Who should I contact?

    Contact us by email. Exclusive pieces have good chances to be included in one of our upcoming auctions. Either write to Henry`s or even better to the department to which your piece fits best. Ideally, you should attach pictures of the pieces to your email. The email addresses are:

    Wrist & pocket watches
    Art and Antiques
    Oriental carpets
    Jewellery and silver

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  5. Using the term search, you can make an extended selection of items. All terms entered here must be in the same text in the database, so that an item is selected. Case is not distinguished.

    Example: You are looking for an Omega Mens Wristwatch. Then you could enter the following terms in the field 'Omega Mens Wristwatch'. If nothing is found, you shorten the search terms e.g. 'Omega Mens watch'

    Pay attention to abbreviations in item descriptions. The system can only find words that were entered in the database. For example, The term „stainless steel“ will provide no results if the equipment description of the item is just the abbreviation 'stainl.'.

    The number of search terms is not limited. If you want to search for items across all departments/categories, then you must click on the category 'All'. Your keywords are searched for in the complete catalogue of products. Click on the category 'carpets', your search terms are only searched for in the carpet department items, etc.

    You can also browse directly by catalogue numbers. Click category 'All' or better, choose the department that offers this item, and simply enter the catalogue number as the search term (without auction number). For example: You search for the carpet with the number '01-5001', click on the category 'carpets' and enter 5001. A more advanced search can be carried out via the number search in the left navigation bar.

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  6. At HENRY´s all numbers consist of two parts: the auction number and the catalogue number. For example, if the offer number is 40-0001, the first number (auction number) is 40, and the second number (catalogue number) is 1 (preceding zeros can be omitted).

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  7. I have seen in the results that an item that I bid on has been assigned. And in the single view on the button Check for Bidders, I determined that I have been assigned the item. What happens next?

    After the examination of the data, you will be sent the invoice within a few days. After you have paid the invoice, the items will be sent to you. Alternatively, you can pick them up yourself, which can save the shipping cost of the items, of course.

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