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If you are already a customer at HENRY´s Fashion-Shop, but still do not have access to our online services, you will have a customer number. To get your personal password, you must send an EMail to the following link. Specify your name and your customer number in it. We will generate a password for you (which you can modify online at any time) and send you a confirmation EMail. Registration

Alternatively ,you can contact us by telephone on 06234-80110 and create a password this way.

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To buy items by HENRY´s Fashion-Shop, you need to register. Please complete the form and send it to us. All required fields are asterisked (*). Please only complete this registration if you do not have a customer number at HENRY´s Fashion-Shop. Otherwise, you will appear on our database several times, which means you could lose sales-related services from HENRY´s Fashion-Shop under certain circumstances.

Your access details will be sent to you by post after the registration procedure in the next few days.

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